Joining Birmingham Bulls RFC

We are a friendly inclusive Rugby Union team that is always ready to welcome new players to join us at any time, regardless of experience, age or orientation.

Your first month with us is free, so there is no risk to coming along and trying us out!

What do i need to do to join

Come along to training, it's as simple as that. There are no initiations (sorry), no tests or selection criteria, and no requirement to be nominated by a club member.

If you train with us, then you are one of us!

What kit do I need

if we are training at Avery Fields you will need a pair of boots with studs - trainers will not provide any grip on the 3G (artificial) surface. For your first couple of sessions you can wear shorts and a t-shirt that you don't mind getting muddy or ripped. If you do get into it the next purchases will probably be a rugby shirt, and a mouthguard.

For matches we provide socks, shorts and playing shirt

I'm worried about my fitness

Don't be. With regular training you will get fitter. Rugby is also a game for all shapes and sizes.

I don't know the rules

The majority of our players have had no experience of rugby before they start. The basic idea is to run forwards and pass backwards. The video below is a useful starter

World Rugby have a useful booklet called A Beginners Guide to Rugby (click the link to download).

Will I get injured ?

Rugby is a contact sport so there will be a risk of injury, but with good technique and training the risks can be significantly reduced.

What happens in the showers ?

We wash the sweat and mud off from 2 hours training, or 80 minutes of rugby. If you are looking to get up to anything else in the showers you clearly aren't training hard enough.

After training you will find us in Eden Bar

For more details give us a call on 07547 651106 or by e-mail at

You can also find us on Facebook/BirminhamBullsRFC

Or on twitter at

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