TMB 2022 Date

We are pleased to confirm that the date for Touch My Brum 2022 will be Saturday 9 July 2022.

More details about the structure and changes to the tickets will be released nearer the time.


Afternoon Play

TierRoundStart TimePItchTeamTeam 2
Calthorpe CupQtr Final15:10Pitch 3Berkshire Unicorns PinkClapham Feelers Pink
Calthorpe CupQtr Final15:10Pitch 4BHSSRFC - CobrasBrumbandits
Calthorpe CupQtr Final15:40Pitch 8KXSRFC 3Ginderalla
Calthorpe CupQtr Final15:40Pithc 4KXSRFC 1KSCRFC 1
Calthorpe CupSemi finals16:10Pitch 3
Calthorpe CupSemi final16:10Pitch 4
Calthorpe CupFinal17:00Pitch 4
Beorma BowlQtr Final14:50Pitch 6Coventry Corsairs RFCOutlaws Quickdraws
Beorma BowlQtr Final14:50Pitch 5Wessex WyvernsLondon Stags RFC - Fawnhub
Beorma BowlQtr Final15:20Pitch 6Typhoons TouchTeam Loki
Beorma BowlQtr Final15:20Pitch 5MVS MystiqueBristol Buffaloes
Beorma BowlSemi finals15:50Pitch 6
Beorma BowlSemi final15:50Pitch 5
Beorma BowlFinal16:30Pitch 2
Mercian ShieldQtr Final14:50Pitch 1MVS ValourXKSRFC 4
Mercian ShieldQtr Final14:50Pitch 2Berkshire Unicorns RFC PurpleLondon Stags RFC - Stag Race
Mercian ShieldQtr Final15:30Pitch 1Hull RoundheadsClapham Feelers Blue
Mercian ShieldQtr Final15:30Pitch 2Midlands BarbariansKXSRFC 2
Mercian ShieldSemi finals16:10Pitch 1
Mercian ShieldSemi final16:10Pitch 2
Mercian ShieldFinal16:40Pitch 4
Camp Hill VaseQtr Final14:50Pitch 9Reading RenegadesLeeeds Hunters Team A
Camp Hill VaseQtr Final14:50Pitch 10Team ThorSticky Rice
Camp Hill VaseQtr Final15:30Pitch 9Sheffield Vulcans PinkMVS instinct
Camp Hill VaseQtr Final15:30Pitch 10Outlaws SlingersMVS OB
Camp Hill VaseSemi finals16:10Pitvch 9
Camp Hill VaseSemi final16:10Pitvch 10
Camp Hill VaseFinal16:40Pitch 3
Eden TankardQtr Final14:50Pitch 7Birmingham BullsSheffield Vulcans Orànge
Eden TankardQtr Final14:50Pitch 8Birmingham SwiftsBHSSRFC Pythons
Eden TankardQtr Final15:20Pitch 7BHSSRFC - VipersTyphoon Tempest
Eden TankardQtr Final15:20Pitch 8Leeds Hunters BLondon Stags RFC - Tap and Doe
Eden TankardSemi finals15:50Pitch 7
Eden TankardSemi final15:50Pitch 8
Eden TankardFinal16:30Pitch 1

Morning Play – Times

GroupPitchKick OffTeam 1Team 2
Group AOne10:00KXSRFC 2Birmingham Bulls RFC
Group AOne10:20BHSSRFC - CobrasCoventry Corsairs RFC
Group AOne10:40KXSRFC 2Hot pink Vulcans
Group AOne11:00Birmingham Bulls RFCBHSSRFC - Cobras
Group AOne11:20Coventry Corsairs RFCHot pink Vulcans
Group AOne11:40KXSRFC 2BHSSRFC - Cobras
Group AOne12:00Birmingham Bulls RFCCoventry Corsairs RFC
Group AOne12:20BHSSRFC - CobrasHot pink Vulcans
Group AOne12:40KXSRFC 2Coventry Corsairs RFC
Group AOne13:00Birmingham Bulls RFCHot pink Vulcans
Group BTwo10:00MVS ValourBerkshire Unicorns RFC - Pink
Group BTwo10:20Bristol BuffaloesOutlaws - Slingers
Group BTwo10:40MVS ValourOránge Vulcans
Group BTwo11:00Berkshire Unicorns RFC - PinkBristol Buffaloes
Group BTwo11:20Outlaws - SlingersOránge Vulcans
Group BTwo11:40MVS ValourBristol Buffaloes
Group BTwo12:00Berkshire Unicorns RFC - PinkOutlaws - Slingers
Group BTwo12:20Bristol BuffaloesOránge Vulcans
Group BTwo12:40MVS ValourOutlaws - Slingers
Group BTwo13:00Berkshire Unicorns RFC - PinkOránge Vulcans
Group CThree10:00London Stags RFC - Tap and DoeTyphoons Tempest
Group CThree10:20Westcountry Wasps RFCReading Renegades
Group CThree10:40London Stags RFC - Tap and DoeBerkshire Unicorns RFC - Purple
Group CThree11:00Typhoons TempestWestcountry Wasps RFC
Group CThree11:20Reading RenegadesBerkshire Unicorns RFC - Purple
Group CThree11:40London Stags RFC - Tap and DoeWestcountry Wasps RFC
Group CThree12:00Typhoons TempestReading Renegades
Group CThree12:20Westcountry Wasps RFCBerkshire Unicorns RFC - Purple
Group CThree12:40London Stags RFC - Tap and DoeReading Renegades
Group CThree13:00Typhoons TempestBerkshire Unicorns RFC - Purple
Group DFour10:00Brum BanditsMVS Instinct
Group DFour10:20London Stags RFC - FawnhubHull Roundheads
Group DFour10:40Brum BanditsBirmingham Swifts
Group DFour11:00MVS InstinctLondon Stags RFC - Fawnhub
Group DFour11:20Hull RoundheadsBirmingham Swifts
Group DFour11:40Brum BanditsLondon Stags RFC - Fawnhub
Group DFour12:00MVS InstinctHull Roundheads
Group DFour12:20London Stags RFC - FawnhubBirmingham Swifts
Group DFour12:40Brum BanditsHull Roundheads
Group DFour13:00MVS InstinctBirmingham Swifts
Group EFive10:00BHSSRFC - PythonsMVS OB
Group EFive10:20Clapham Feelers PinkWessex Wyverns
Group EFive10:40BHSSRFC - PythonsKXSRFC 4
Group EFive11:00MVS OBClapham Feelers Pink
Group EFive11:20Wessex WyvernsKXSRFC 4
Group EFive11:40BHSSRFC - PythonsClapham Feelers Pink
Group EFive12:00MVS OBWessex Wyverns
Group EFive12:20Clapham Feelers PinkKXSRFC 4
Group EFive12:40BHSSRFC - PythonsWessex Wyverns
Group EFive13:00MVS OBKXSRFC 4
Group FSix10:00Midlands Barbarians Touch Rugby ClubLeeds Hunters Team A
Group FSix10:20KXSRFC 3Typhoons Touch
Group FSix10:40Midlands Barbarians Touch Rugby ClubTeam Loki
Group FSix11:00Leeds Hunters Team AKXSRFC 3
Group FSix11:20Typhoons TouchTeam Loki
Group FSix11:40Midlands Barbarians Touch Rugby ClubKXSRFC 3
Group FSix12:00Leeds Hunters Team ATyphoons Touch
Group FSix12:20KXSRFC 3Team Loki
Group FSix12:40Midlands Barbarians Touch Rugby ClubTyphoons Touch
Group FSix13:00Leeds Hunters Team ATeam Loki
Group GSeven10:00KXSRFC 1Sticky Rice
Group GSeven10:20BHSSRFC - VipersClapham Feelers Blue
Group GSeven10:40KXSRFC 1Outlaws - Quickdraws
Group GSeven11:00Sticky RiceBHSSRFC - Vipers
Group GSeven11:20Clapham Feelers BlueOutlaws - Quickdraws
Group GSeven11:40KXSRFC 1BHSSRFC - Vipers
Group GSeven12:00Sticky RiceClapham Feelers Blue
Group GSeven12:20BHSSRFC - VipersOutlaws - Quickdraws
Group GSeven12:40KXSRFC 1Clapham Feelers Blue
Group GSeven13:00Sticky RiceOutlaws - Quickdraws
Group HEight10:00Team ThorMVS Mystic
Group HEight10:20Team GinderellaLondon Stags RFC - Stag race
Group HEight10:40Team ThorLeeds Hunters Team B
Group HEight11:00MVS MysticTeam Ginderella
Group HEight11:20London Stags RFC - Stag raceLeeds Hunters Team B
Group HEight11:40Team ThorTeam Ginderella
Group HEight12:00MVS MysticLondon Stags RFC - Stag race
Group HEight12:20Team GinderellaLeeds Hunters Team B
Group HEight12:40Team ThorLondon Stags RFC - Stag race
Group HEight13:00MVS MysticLeeds Hunters Team B


Spectators – Ticket Only

In order to maintain a COVID Secure environment we have to restrict those on site to ticketed spectators only.

Please do not attend without already having a ticket.


On the day……

Here’s your guide to the day.

COVID Secure

We are able to run the tournament only through ensuring that we are compliant with COVID restrictions in place by the UK Government and England Rugby.

Please comply with these requirements on the day, but also by ensuring that if any isolation of your team is required through positive tests that this is carried out. We thank you on behalf of everyone attending for your co-operation with this.


Key Points

Stay hydrated.
Don’t forget sunscreen.
Follow COVID Secure Guidance
Trans women are women, and trans men are men.

Before Arrival

Before arrival you will need to complete your the COVID pre-screening questionnaire –

Once you have completed it, you will be mailed a pass that will look like this. You will need to show this on registration.

Plan your journey due to road closure at Junction 10 on the M6.

Arrival – 9.00am onwards

Please do not arrive before 9.00am, this is to allow the volunteers to get the site ready and to receive their briefing.

Car parking onsite is limited, so if you are arriving by car, please try and lift share (within guidance) and park sensibly. If you do need to park off site, please be considerate

Registration – 9.00am – 10.00am

Registration will need to be done by individuals, so please ensure that their names are registered ( if any changes).

They do not need to have their individual ticket, though it will speed things up a little. At registration they will need to show the pass that was e-mailed to them from the COVID Screening questionnaire.

Morning Play

Each group will have its own pitch to minimise movement and to make it easier for teams to meet. Matches will start NO EARLIER than the stated time, but there may be some delay as the morning progresses.


Lunches will need to be collected by captains / nominated person at some point before the lunch break. The goody-bag is a cool bag, which will help to keep the contents cool.

Passes will be given out for the food which someone will then collect.

Afternoon Play

The tier allocation for teams will be advised during lunchtime. Times and locations of the tier matches are within your brochures.

Final & Presentation

This will be after the last game. Please maintain social distancing during this part of the day.


Road Closure on M6 J10

Junction 10 on the M6 will be partially closed on Saturday 17 July, with traffic being diverted over the junction. This is likely to cause significant delays, so please plan an alternative route, or allow plenty of time. The M6 Toll is an alternative.

More information from Think Sandwell. NB as at 15 July 2021 the restriction was not showing on Highways England site, so SatNavs may not reflect this.


Volunteer Info

Thanks to those who have signed up to be volunteers for Touch My Brum. The weekend schedule will look like this.

All events will be at Sutton Coldfield.

Friday 16 July – 19:00 – This is the session sorting the goody-bags out for everyone.

Saturday 16 July – 08:00 – Prepping the ground ready for registration.

Saturday 16 July – 09:00 – Registration starts !

There is still time to sign up as a volunteer for Touch My Brum, there are no horrible jobs, and the atmosphere on the day is amazing. Sign up (for free) at the ‘Buy Registration’ link above.



We have tried to make the process for clubs as slick as possible, but in the background a lot of things still have to happen with human intervention.

Team names have been received from the majority of clubs, but these have yet to be work through in, as the priority was to get the tournament structure finalised. One team was mentioned in a previous post, but only due to the brilliance of one of their team names, and not because we haven’t received an update.


TMB2021 – The Groups

The groups are below. The names used may not reflect any changes to team names as these are still being processed (We’re looking at you South London Stags as your team names are spot on and one of them is a work of pure genius)

Group A Teams
Birmingham Bulls RFC
BHSSRFC - Cobras
Coventry Corsairs RFC
Hot Pink Vulcans
Group B Teams
MVS Valour
Berkshire Unicorns RFC - Pink
Bristol Buffaloes
Outlaws - Slingers
Oránge Vulcans
Group C Teams
London Stags RFC - Tap and Doe
Typhoons Tempest
Westcountry Wasps RFC
Reading Renegades
Berkshire Unicorns RFC - Purple
Group D Teams
Brum Bandits
MVS Instinct
London Stags RFC - Fawnhub
Hull Roundheads
Birmingham Swifts
Group E Teams
BHSSRFC - Pythons
Clapham Feelers Pink
Wessex Wyverns
Group F Teams
Midlands Barbarians Touch Rugby Club
Leeds Hunters RUFC
Typhoons Touch
Team Loki
Group G Teams
Sticky Rice
BHSSRFC - Vipers
Clapham Feelers Blue
Outlaws - Quickdraws
Group H Teams
Team Thor
MVS Mystic
Team Ginderella
London Stags RFC - Stag Race


Timings & Tournament Structure

We are pleased to be able to announce the tournament structure.


Registration will open at 9.00am on Saturday 17th. At registration you will check in, and also have your COVID pre screening questionnaire checked. Please allow plenty of time for this.

If changing rooms are used, you are requested to keep masks on, and vacate the changing room as quickly as possible. There is no bag storage available.

Morning – Round Robin

Morning play will start at 10.00am. There will be 8 groups of 5 teams where each team in each group will play the other team. Details of the groups will be published over the weekend.

When spectating please maintain social distancing.


There will be a break in play between 1.00pm and 2.30pm. We will be asking a single member from each team to come and collect lunches for their teams.

Afternoon Play

There will be 5 ranked knockout tiers. The Calthorpe Cup, Beorma Shield, Camp Hill Vase, Mercian Shield, and Eden Tankard.

The final of the Calthorpe cup will kick off at 16:40, then followed by presentation of awards.