6 weeks to go !!!

The interest in Touch My Brum has been amazing. As long as everything goes ahead for the 21 June, we will be good to go. We will not be doing any registration until this point to avoid having to issue refunds should things change.

The increase in numbers has introduced a few ridiculously boring challenges, which we are working through. This will also have an impact on costs as well, but we are still trying to keep it as close to last year’s as possible.

The tournament format and timings are being looked at, along with a few rehearsals- we want to keep things moving, but we don’t want to make the schedule a white knuckle ride.

The Weekend Schedule 2021 pages have been updated with information as far as possible, and the Locations page has also been updated.

Along with this there is the Inclusivity & Accessibility pages – if there is anything that is missing, then please do ask.


Call for volunteers

Touch My Brum 2021 promises to be the biggest and greatest yet. To help make that happen we are looking for some volunteers for a range of rolls.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to be involve with the planning and running of this years tournament, and then we will need even more people on the day to help make it a success.

We are looking for the following volunteer roles.
We’re looking for some people with great people skills to register people on the Friday evening and on Saturday day. People will need to be able to be remain cool under pressure, and provide a great Bulls welcome to participants.

Setup & Closedown
On the Saturday morning there is a lot to do at the ground to be ready for the tournament. Volunteers will get everything ready on Saturday morning, and then close down in the evening.

Pitch Hosts
This role will involve being the point of contact for referees and teams on a specific pitch. You will liaise with the tournament director and Captain’s Liaison to help keep the tournament running on time.

Captain’s Liaison
This volunteer will be the point of contact for all captains on the day to help resolve any queries, and fulfil any (reasonable, and legal) requests

First Aiders
You will provide first aid should it be needed.

General Volunteer
This will be a general role that could include anything and everything.

Media & Social
This role will involve taking photographs and video of the event, and uploading to social media.

If you wish to be involved contact
Touch My Brum is on Saturday 17 July 2021 and is held at Sutton Coldfield RFC.


Pre-registration 2021

Touch My Brum will be happening on Saturday 17 July 2021 at Sutton Coldfield RFC. The date is dependent on government’s “Roadmap out of Lockdown”. As soon as we know that the tournament can definitely go ahead we’ll let all those who have pre registered know ahead of time.

For any queries, contact

TMB 2019

Friday Registration

Everyone should now have received a reminder e-mail with their tickets attached. Tickets DO NOT need to be printed, however team captains may wish to issue tickets to their players to avoid any confusion.

If there are any last minute name changes, then please do get in touch –

During the tournament e-mail will be the

TMB 2019

It’s started

Not quite the weather we hoped, but the tournament play for Touch My Brum 2019 has started.

You can keep track of scores for the first rounds of the tournament at .

TMB 2019

TMB – Afternoon

The afternoon will have a play off round where two teams with the lowest score from each tier will play to see who goes into the quarter finals. Group G teams will automatically enter the quarter finals.

Afternoon play will start at 2.30 with the Beorma Shield and Eden Tankard Finals being played at 16:15, and then the Calthorpe Cup final at 16:45, this will be followed immediately by the Prize Presentation.

TMB 2019

Touch My Brum 2019 – The Groups

The groups for TMB 2019 are as follows. We have tried to ensure that teams are not going to be playing their neighbours in the group rounds. Group G has it slightly easier due to being a group of three – this means we will work out an equivalent average score for the afternoon rankings.

Group ABerkshire Unicorns
Group AChester Centurions Legionnaires
Group AKings Cross Steelers
Group AOutlaws Versatile
Group BBristol Bisons
Group BLeeds Hunters A
Group BMidlands Barbarians
Group BSticky Rice
Group CLeeds Hunters B
Group CShuttlerush
Group CSpartans Sigma Delta
Group CSwansea Vikings
Group DCardiff Lions RFC
Group DChester Centurions Gladiators
Group DReading Renegades
Group DTeam Ginderella
Group ELovin Life
Group ESpartans Sigma Psi
Group EStags White
Group ESpartans 300
Group FCoventry Corsairs
Group FOutlaws Bottoms
Group FStags Gold
Group FTyphoons Touch
Group GHull Roundheads RUFC
Group GOutlaws Tops
Group GStags Navy

TMB 2019

Weekend Schedule

The final touches are being done ready for the weekend. The forecast looks good, so make sure you keep the (non alcoholic) fluid, and also the sunscreen topped up.

The schedule for the weekend is at .

The matches in the morning will be three random groups of round robin games, then progressing to the tournament in the afternoon.

The address of the ground and Eden can be found at

TMB 2019

Ticket Sales Closed

Ticket sales for this year’s Touch My Brum are now closed.

If there are any changes required for teams already registered, then please contact

TMB 2019

Last few days of ticket sales

Ticket sales for Touch My Brum 2019 will close at 7.00pm on Sunday 21 July.

To register please click here