2018 Results

Touch My Brum splits into three tiers based on the rank positioning from morning play.

These tiers are the Calthorpe Cup, Beorma Shield, and Eden Tankard. The Calthorpe Cup is a traditional knockout style, while Beorma Shield and Eden Tankard are a knockout first round, with the remaining three teams all playing each other to determine the winner.

The Calthorpe Cup is named after the park where the Birmingham Bulls first played.

The Beorma Shield is named after the founder of the 6th century Anglo-Saxon settlement that grew into the city of Birmingham.

The Eden Tankard is named after Eden, who have sponsored Birmingham Bulls since the club was founded.

Morning Schedule and Results

TimePitchGroupHome TeamScoreScoreAway Team
10:00Pitch 1G1Spartan Pistons04Renegades A
10:00Pitch 2G1Chester Centurions08Berkshire Unicorns
10:00Pitch 3G2Spartan Arrows12Bristol Bisons
10:00Pitch 4G2Swansea Vikings43Leeds Hunters
10:00Pitch 5G3Spartan Shooters70Renegades B
10:00Pitch 6G4Shuttlerush Jaguars112Team Ginderella
10:30Pitch 1G1Spartan Pistons42Shuttlerush Panthers
10:30Pitch 2G1Renegades A32Berkshire Unicorns
10:30Pitch 3G2Leeds Hunters17Northampton Outlaws
10:30Pitch 4G2Spartan Arrows10Swansea Vikings
10:30Pitch 5G3Team Trunter21Sheffield Vulcans
10:30Pitch 6G4Cardiff and Baba08Team Ginderella
11:00Pitch 1G1Shuttlerush Panthers40Chester Centurions
11:00Pitch 2G2Spartan Arrows44Northampton Outlaws
11:00Pitch 3G2Bristol Bisons41Leeds Hunters
11:00Pitch 4G3Spartan Shooters11Team Trunter
11:00Pitch 5G3Birmingham Bulls50Renegades B
11:00Pitch 6G4Cardiff and Baba22Loving Life
11:30Pitch 1G1Renegades A60Chester Centurions
11:30Pitch 2G2Bristol Bisons45Swansea Vikings
11:30Pitch 3
11:30Pitch 4
11:30Pitch 5G3Spartan Shooters41Sheffield Vulcans
11:30Pitch 6G4Shuttlerush Jaguars15Loving Life
12:00Pitch 1G1Renegades A51Shuttlerush Panthers
12:00Pitch 2G1Spartan Pistons02Berkshire Unicorns
12:00Pitch 3G2Swansea Vikings16Northampton Outlaws
12:00Pitch 4G3Renegades B43Sheffield Vulcans
12:00Pitch 5G3Birmingham Bulls70Team Trunter
12:00Pitch 6G4Cardiff and Baba62Shuttlerush Jaguars
12:30Pitch 1G1Spartan Pistons40Chester Centurions
12:30Pitch 2G1Shuttlerush Panthers25Berkshire Unicorns
12:30Pitch 3G2Bristol Bisons26Northampton Outlaws
12:30Pitch 4G2Spartan Arrows34Leeds Hunters
12:30Pitch 5G3Birmingham Bulls70Sheffield Vulcans
12:30Pitch 6G4Team Ginderella61Loving Life
13:00Pitch 4G3Renegades B02Team Trunter
13:00Pitch 5G3Spartan Shooters26Birmingham Bulls
00:00Bye CalculationG4Cardiff and Baba34
00:00Bye CalculationG4Loving Life33
00:00Bye CalculationG4Shuttlerush Jaguars18
00:00Bye CalculationG4Team Ginderella91

Cardiff and Baba,  Loving Life,  Shuttlerush Jaguars, Team Ginderella were in a group of four rather than 5, so an average of their points scored, and points against was used to work out the four ‘missing’ results.

Morning Table

TeamPlayedPointsMatch Points
Berkshire Unicorns4617
Birmingham Bulls4825
Bristol Bisons4412
Cardiff and Baba4311
Chester Centurions400
Leeds Hunters429
Loving Life4411
Northampton Outlaws4723
Renegades A4818
Renegades B424
Sheffield Vulcans405
Shuttlerush Jaguars405
Shuttlerush Panthers429
Spartan Arrows439
Spartan Pistons448
Spartan Shooters4514
Swansea Vikings4410
Team Ginderella4835
Team Trunter455

Calthorpe Cup Results

Quarter Finals

Birmingham Bulls10Renegades A
Team Ginderella112Northampton Outlaws
Berkshire Unicorns15Spartan's Shooters
Team TrunterBye

Semi Finals

Birmingham Bulls05Team Ginderalla
Spartan Shooters50Team Trunter


Team Ginderella62Spartans Shooters

Beorma Shield Results

Quarter Finals

Bristol Bisons15Loving Life
Spartan Pistons13Swansea Vikings
Cardiff and Baba12Spartan Arrows


Loving Life30Swansea Vikings
Loving Life32Spartan Arrows
Swansea Vikings12Spartan Arrows


Loving Life

Eden Tankard Results

Quarter Finals

Leeds Hunters60Renegades B
Shuttlerush Panthers21Chester Centurions
Sheffield Vulcans31Shuttlerush Jaguars


Leeds Hunters32Shuttlerush Panthers
Leeds Hunters31Sheffield Vulcans
Shuttlerush PanthersSheffield Vulcans


Leeds Hunters