Volunteer Info

Thanks to those who have signed up to be volunteers for Touch My Brum. The weekend schedule will look like this.

All events will be at Sutton Coldfield.

Friday 16 July – 19:00 – This is the session sorting the goody-bags out for everyone.

Saturday 16 July – 08:00 – Prepping the ground ready for registration.

Saturday 16 July – 09:00 – Registration starts !

There is still time to sign up as a volunteer for Touch My Brum, there are no horrible jobs, and the atmosphere on the day is amazing. Sign up (for free) at the ‘Buy Registration’ link above.



We have tried to make the process for clubs as slick as possible, but in the background a lot of things still have to happen with human intervention.

Team names have been received from the majority of clubs, but these have yet to be work through in, as the priority was to get the tournament structure finalised. One team was mentioned in a previous post, but only due to the brilliance of one of their team names, and not because we haven’t received an update.


6 weeks to go !!!

The interest in Touch My Brum has been amazing. As long as everything goes ahead for the 21 June, we will be good to go. We will not be doing any registration until this point to avoid having to issue refunds should things change.

The increase in numbers has introduced a few ridiculously boring challenges, which we are working through. This will also have an impact on costs as well, but we are still trying to keep it as close to last year’s as possible.

The tournament format and timings are being looked at, along with a few rehearsals- we want to keep things moving, but we don’t want to make the schedule a white knuckle ride.

The Weekend Schedule 2021 pages have been updated with information as far as possible, and the Locations page has also been updated.

Along with this there is the Inclusivity & Accessibility pages – if there is anything that is missing, then please do ask.