Inclusivity & Accessibility

Birmingham Bulls do not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, religion, sexuality, or ethnicity.

We welcome trans players and spectators. See below for details of changing areas. Please contact ( if specific changing requirements are needed and we will attempt to accommodate.

If there are any specific accessibility requirements not mentioned here, please do get in touch.

A more complete assessment and description will appear here in the next few weeks.

Sutton Rugby Club

Access to the club house

The road is covered in tarmac and is in generally good repair.

Parking spaces for people with disabilities are available.

The distance from the street to the club house is approximately 100m

There is one fully accessible toilet. No radar key is required.

There is no access to pitch side via path/paving, but there is access via flat grass / gravel.

Club house and changing rooms are accessible via ramp / flat flooring with no

Access within club house

No steps within club house.


Downstairs Disabled toilet

Downstairs Female toilet

Bar Area

Access from reception area, no step

Smoking area at rear has a step.

First floor

Not used during tournament

Ground Floor Changing Facilities

4 changing rooms sharing one communal shower which is accessed via main corridor.

3 changing rooms each with their own communal shower.

3 unisex toilets

1 fully accessible toilet with alarm, no RADAR key required.

1 male toilet