Morning Play – Times

GroupPitchKick OffTeam 1Team 2
Group AOne10:00KXSRFC 2Birmingham Bulls RFC
Group AOne10:20BHSSRFC - CobrasCoventry Corsairs RFC
Group AOne10:40KXSRFC 2Hot pink Vulcans
Group AOne11:00Birmingham Bulls RFCBHSSRFC - Cobras
Group AOne11:20Coventry Corsairs RFCHot pink Vulcans
Group AOne11:40KXSRFC 2BHSSRFC - Cobras
Group AOne12:00Birmingham Bulls RFCCoventry Corsairs RFC
Group AOne12:20BHSSRFC - CobrasHot pink Vulcans
Group AOne12:40KXSRFC 2Coventry Corsairs RFC
Group AOne13:00Birmingham Bulls RFCHot pink Vulcans
Group BTwo10:00MVS ValourBerkshire Unicorns RFC - Pink
Group BTwo10:20Bristol BuffaloesOutlaws - Slingers
Group BTwo10:40MVS ValourOránge Vulcans
Group BTwo11:00Berkshire Unicorns RFC - PinkBristol Buffaloes
Group BTwo11:20Outlaws - SlingersOránge Vulcans
Group BTwo11:40MVS ValourBristol Buffaloes
Group BTwo12:00Berkshire Unicorns RFC - PinkOutlaws - Slingers
Group BTwo12:20Bristol BuffaloesOránge Vulcans
Group BTwo12:40MVS ValourOutlaws - Slingers
Group BTwo13:00Berkshire Unicorns RFC - PinkOránge Vulcans
Group CThree10:00London Stags RFC - Tap and DoeTyphoons Tempest
Group CThree10:20Westcountry Wasps RFCReading Renegades
Group CThree10:40London Stags RFC - Tap and DoeBerkshire Unicorns RFC - Purple
Group CThree11:00Typhoons TempestWestcountry Wasps RFC
Group CThree11:20Reading RenegadesBerkshire Unicorns RFC - Purple
Group CThree11:40London Stags RFC - Tap and DoeWestcountry Wasps RFC
Group CThree12:00Typhoons TempestReading Renegades
Group CThree12:20Westcountry Wasps RFCBerkshire Unicorns RFC - Purple
Group CThree12:40London Stags RFC - Tap and DoeReading Renegades
Group CThree13:00Typhoons TempestBerkshire Unicorns RFC - Purple
Group DFour10:00Brum BanditsMVS Instinct
Group DFour10:20London Stags RFC - FawnhubHull Roundheads
Group DFour10:40Brum BanditsBirmingham Swifts
Group DFour11:00MVS InstinctLondon Stags RFC - Fawnhub
Group DFour11:20Hull RoundheadsBirmingham Swifts
Group DFour11:40Brum BanditsLondon Stags RFC - Fawnhub
Group DFour12:00MVS InstinctHull Roundheads
Group DFour12:20London Stags RFC - FawnhubBirmingham Swifts
Group DFour12:40Brum BanditsHull Roundheads
Group DFour13:00MVS InstinctBirmingham Swifts
Group EFive10:00BHSSRFC - PythonsMVS OB
Group EFive10:20Clapham Feelers PinkWessex Wyverns
Group EFive10:40BHSSRFC - PythonsKXSRFC 4
Group EFive11:00MVS OBClapham Feelers Pink
Group EFive11:20Wessex WyvernsKXSRFC 4
Group EFive11:40BHSSRFC - PythonsClapham Feelers Pink
Group EFive12:00MVS OBWessex Wyverns
Group EFive12:20Clapham Feelers PinkKXSRFC 4
Group EFive12:40BHSSRFC - PythonsWessex Wyverns
Group EFive13:00MVS OBKXSRFC 4
Group FSix10:00Midlands Barbarians Touch Rugby ClubLeeds Hunters Team A
Group FSix10:20KXSRFC 3Typhoons Touch
Group FSix10:40Midlands Barbarians Touch Rugby ClubTeam Loki
Group FSix11:00Leeds Hunters Team AKXSRFC 3
Group FSix11:20Typhoons TouchTeam Loki
Group FSix11:40Midlands Barbarians Touch Rugby ClubKXSRFC 3
Group FSix12:00Leeds Hunters Team ATyphoons Touch
Group FSix12:20KXSRFC 3Team Loki
Group FSix12:40Midlands Barbarians Touch Rugby ClubTyphoons Touch
Group FSix13:00Leeds Hunters Team ATeam Loki
Group GSeven10:00KXSRFC 1Sticky Rice
Group GSeven10:20BHSSRFC - VipersClapham Feelers Blue
Group GSeven10:40KXSRFC 1Outlaws - Quickdraws
Group GSeven11:00Sticky RiceBHSSRFC - Vipers
Group GSeven11:20Clapham Feelers BlueOutlaws - Quickdraws
Group GSeven11:40KXSRFC 1BHSSRFC - Vipers
Group GSeven12:00Sticky RiceClapham Feelers Blue
Group GSeven12:20BHSSRFC - VipersOutlaws - Quickdraws
Group GSeven12:40KXSRFC 1Clapham Feelers Blue
Group GSeven13:00Sticky RiceOutlaws - Quickdraws
Group HEight10:00Team ThorMVS Mystic
Group HEight10:20Team GinderellaLondon Stags RFC - Stag race
Group HEight10:40Team ThorLeeds Hunters Team B
Group HEight11:00MVS MysticTeam Ginderella
Group HEight11:20London Stags RFC - Stag raceLeeds Hunters Team B
Group HEight11:40Team ThorTeam Ginderella
Group HEight12:00MVS MysticLondon Stags RFC - Stag race
Group HEight12:20Team GinderellaLeeds Hunters Team B
Group HEight12:40Team ThorLondon Stags RFC - Stag race
Group HEight13:00MVS MysticLeeds Hunters Team B

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