On the day……

Here’s your guide to the day.

COVID Secure

We are able to run the tournament only through ensuring that we are compliant with COVID restrictions in place by the UK Government and England Rugby.

As rules are changing all the time we will be updating you on COVID guidelines closer to the tournament date..

Key Points

Stay hydrated.
Don’t forget sunscreen.
Follow COVID Secure Guidance
Trans women are women, and trans men are men.

Arrival – 9.00am onwards

Please do not arrive before 9.00am, this is to allow the volunteers to get the site ready and to receive their briefing.

Car parking onsite is limited, so if you are arriving by car, please try and lift share (within guidance) and park sensibly. If you do need to park off site, please be considerate. We’ll send out details on public transport to all registered.

Morning Play

Each group will have its own pitch to minimise movement and to make it easier for teams to meet. Matches will start NO EARLIER than the stated time, but there may be some delay as the morning progresses.


Lunches will need to be collected by captains / nominated person at some point before the lunch break.

Passes will be given out for the food which someone will then collect.

Afternoon Play

The tier allocation for teams will be advised during lunchtime. Times and locations of the tier matches are within your brochures.

Final & Presentation

This will be after the last game. Please maintain social distancing during this part of the day.

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