Touch My Brum 2019 – The Groups

The groups for TMB 2019 are as follows. We have tried to ensure that teams are not going to be playing their neighbours in the group rounds. Group G has it slightly easier due to being a group of three – this means we will work out an equivalent average score for the afternoon rankings.

Group ABerkshire Unicorns
Group AChester Centurions Legionnaires
Group AKings Cross Steelers
Group AOutlaws Versatile
Group BBristol Bisons
Group BLeeds Hunters A
Group BMidlands Barbarians
Group BSticky Rice
Group CLeeds Hunters B
Group CShuttlerush
Group CSpartans Sigma Delta
Group CSwansea Vikings
Group DCardiff Lions RFC
Group DChester Centurions Gladiators
Group DReading Renegades
Group DTeam Ginderella
Group ELovin Life
Group ESpartans Sigma Psi
Group EStags White
Group ESpartans 300
Group FCoventry Corsairs
Group FOutlaws Bottoms
Group FStags Gold
Group FTyphoons Touch
Group GHull Roundheads RUFC
Group GOutlaws Tops
Group GStags Navy

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